Wednesday, February 21, 2018


Mark 1:29-45

Christ Jesus, we rejoice that wherever You go You unleash power for healing and liberation. You restore people to community. You give new life and new hope.

We are humbled to realize, Teacher, that whenever You could, You retreated for prayer, finding communion with God and allowing the Spirit of God to energize You for continuous works of mercy and compassion. 

Enable us to follow your example by prayerfully allowing the Spirit to guide and energize every moment of our ministry to others. Enable us to be agents of healing and liberation. And when we have seen your marvelous works among us, enable us to spread the news, to declare boldly what You have accomplished in and through and, sometimes, in spite of us. Amen.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018


Mark 1:14-28

Christ Jesus, we rejoice in You! We rejoice that You came among us and acted with astonishing authority even though You were not authorized or acknowledged by either political or religious leaders.

You called disciples to You, and they came without hesitation. You instructed your audiences in the word of God, and as they heard You, they recognized an authority in which word and action were fully congruent. You spoke release to those who were in the grips of oppressive spirits and liberated them.  

We are often too jaded to be astonished by You. But do a new work within us. Enable us to recognize that your authority is authorized and affirmed by God. Enable us to follow, without hesitation, wherever You may lead us. Most of all, enable us to recognize that in You, the reign of God has come near and now impinges upon every dimension of our lives, calling us to newness that we could not generate on our own. Amen.

Monday, February 19, 2018


Mark 1:1-13

God of covenant, we rejoice that You have sent Jesus among us. We rejoice that the “beginning of the good news about Jesus the Messiah,” fits into your long history of covenant commitment and prophetic warning and promise to your people, Israel.

We rejoice that You sent and still send messengers who call for the creation of viable paths through wildernesses of sin, oppression, violence, confusion, defeat, exile and despair. Even though those voices are often irritating, we rejoice that they call us to open ourselves to your transforming presence and enable us to believe that You are able to do new creation among us.

We rejoice that You have led us to the waters of baptism. And we celebrate, with great joy, your gift of the Holy Spirit whose baptism we have received through Jesus Christ.  

As participants in your covenant, through baptism, and as people energized by the presence of your own Spirit, enable us to continue the work that Jesus began among us, to continue living the good news that Jesus lived first among us. Amen.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Prayer for February 18-24, 2018 
Sermon Text: Psalm 25:1-10

That we may be people of truth even under threat

God, we trust in You! We hope in You all day long and every day! We turn to you in the midst of our many joys and our many troubles.

Do not let others shame us! And do not let us shame ourselves by weak, ineffectual and fruitless faith.

Instruct us fully in your way – particularly your way for the challenging sociopolitical context in which we now live. Enable us to see truth, in its many dimensions, and act as people of truth even when surrounded by lies. Give us courage to speak truth even if we must do so under threat. 

Be merciful to us! Forgive and forget our youthful sin and rebellion as well as that which has been part of our more “mature” years. 

God, we rejoice that You are good, loving and faithful to us, as well as to every people and all of creation. We rejoice in your love! And we commit ourselves to deep, enduring obedience as your covenant partners. Amen.

John 12:44-50

Jesus, Living Image of God, we rejoice in You and plead that You will enable us to believe more confidently in You, and the One who sent You, the One with whom You are in complete unity. Fortify our belief even when we are deeply uncertain about our own worthiness and our ability to trust You.

Jesus, Living Lamp, shine through the night. Shine through the mist and fog of our confusion and enable us to move through the world with confidence in your guidance. As our lives are brightened by You, enable us to shine as lights in the world, enacting your truth and your love in the myriad encounters of our days.

Jesus, Patient Teacher, help us keep our ears open to your words. Give us discernment for obedience that is full of compassion. Since You do not speak judgment against us, prevent us from speaking judgment upon others. 

In the end, let our actions become more and more consistent with your instruction and with the faith that we claim. Keep us close, so that we may walk with You in the way of enduring life. Amen.

Saturday, February 17, 2018


John 17:20-26

God of wonders, we rejoice that You have enabled us to believe the message that Jesus proclaimed among us. We rejoice that You have taken our lives and have woven them into the unity that You already share with Christ and the Holy Spirit. We rejoice that You have given us glimpses of your glory and that You have endowed us with glory that is derived from your own.

May the world see your glory shining through our lives and turn to You through Christ, your Chosen One.  May many see our lives and be convinced that You are a God of generous and enduring love.

We anticipate, with joy, the day when we dwell permanently in your presence. But for now, we trust in your continuing revelation of yourself to us, through Christ Jesus, so that your love may overflow our lives to touch others in healing, liberating and unifying ways. 

You are our All in All! May we be wholly yours! Amen.

Friday, February 16, 2018


John 17:9-19

God of all people and all creation, enable us to live the unity for which Christ Jesus prayed. Protect us from everything that would undermine, disrupt or fracture the unity that we have in Christ Jesus.

Protect us, especially, from ourselves! Forgive us! For we have created innumerable strategies for separating ourselves from one another and refusing fellowship to one another. We consistently undermine the unity that You have created for our benefit and your glory.

We rejoice that You have given us much joy. Enhance and deepen that joy as You shape our lives to be more like Christ. Enable us to be diligent in the practice and proclamation of your word, even when others respond with rejection or hatred. 

We rejoice that we are citizens of your reign. May we be people of truth—fully set aside and purified for your purposes—as we are sent into the world as Jesus was sent by You. Enable us to discern where the values and practices of the world cannot be aligned with those of your reign, and choose the way of Christ. Amen.