Monday, March 20, 2017


Day 17 – Monday
Matthew 6:25-34

     God, our Provider, we confess that we are, indeed, people of little faith. In spite of our full refrigerators and pantries and easy access to more, we worry excessively about what we will eat. Some days the slightest pang of hunger makes us anxious. In spite of the fact that fresh water is available to most of us in abundance, we worry about what we will drink, unwilling to be satisfied with mere water even though it is the substance of our physical selves.  In spite of the fact that many of us have dressers and closets and storage bins full of clothing, we vainly worry about what we will wear.
     God, You have provided far more than we need! Yet, we are anxious. We never seem to have enough. And though our world is filled with people who long for a small portion of what we have, we convince ourselves that we deserve all that we have accumulated. We are reluctant to share. And we continue to worry as though we lived lives of great deprivation.
     Forgive us for our lack of trust. Forgive us for clinging to false images of scarcity and neediness that leave us anxious. Forgive us for our presumption. Forgive us for being slow to share in ways that help others to enjoy glad and fruitful lives. 
     Enable us to focus on your reign of justice and peace. Enable us to be faithful witnesses to the work of reconciliation You have done in Christ Jesus. Enable us to walk away from our anxiety and trust You enough to put your desire before our own. Amen.

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